Saturday, October 27, 2007

Romantic getaway or Family Vacation ???

I work in one of the most beautiful places in the country, at least in my opinion... If you didn't live here I would certainly be visiting. It is a wonderful place for both Family Vacations and Romantic Getaways, and for many of the same reasons.

In both situations you are looking for time together, adventures around each corner to expereince with one another, a place that is family friendly, and quiet, but with enough to entertain everyone. We sit right next to a wild life preserve near Ft. Morgan in Gulf Shores. We have 2 miles of White Sugar Sand Beaches, to enjoy and explore all the way to the point. But that is just the beginning of the fun. Amazing stars at night in the clearest skys. Wild life at every turn, yesterday I saw a Bobcat on the preserve, don't worry they are afraid of people. In fact this summer I have seen birds of all kinds, colors, and sizes just flying and at the Bird Banding, that takes place twice a year, less than a mile away. Dolphin, Migrating Sting and Manta Rays, jumping out of the water are a daily occurance in the summer. Baby Sea turtles, are also trooping to the water in droves during the Summer and Fall after incubating in the sand for a while.
This beautiful place was made for adventures with your family. Take a look at some of our photos on our website and come and visit us soon. We would love to have you join our family in all of our adventures. Or let us help you plan some of your own!!!


Friday, October 26, 2007

Butterfly Migration!!!!!

I work as far south in Alabama as you can go basically near the civil war fort of Fort Morgan. Our building sits on a tiny little piece of land not even a mile across and right next to a Federal wild life preserve. Jealous yet? I am surrounded by beauty daily. I am so just completely overwhelmed how often i get to interact with the nature around me. I am truly blessed. I told you about my most recent bird banding adventure. It was entertaining and educational, wanted to have everyone i knew there with me to experience this adventure. It was not to be but i did and still do have the opportunity to share these experiences with them and all of you. I wanted to tell you a bit about the Butter fly migration that is taking place at the same time. Have you ever gone outside and seen butterflies everywhere. Not in plague since, but on every bush and throughout the air, flying in friendly little groups around your head. That is what has been happening here lately. Butterflies of every color fill the sky and plants eating their last meals before they head south for the winter. I have been astounded by the blue, greens, yellow and purple butterflies. You rarely see more than orange and black of the familiar Monarch butterflies in this part of the world. Each morning when I step out I experience a new color or shape butterfly that i have not experienced before. The lightest pail yellow and wings so thin and very rounded you can see through them as they float along. Then there are the high speed butterflies, that flit and fly almost like a different kind of bug. The shape and color of their wings makes them look like grasshoppers when folded in a closed resting position. The one that lingers in my head had blue circles on it's wing, appearing to be almost like two great blue eyes looking up at me. Butterflies and the beach don't seem to be a fitting combination, but they make for an unforgettable experience in the warm days and cool nights of fall. I hope you get to have this experience sometime soon. Fort Morgan is the place to have it among all of the beauties of creation, and much more. We have found that all of this beauty inspires much creativity, and relaxation. So, if inspiration is what you seek hop in the car and head south, stop when you get to Ft. Morgan. Hope to see you soon

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Damage Fees!!!! How to avoid them!

Damage Fees!!!! How to avoid them!
Damage Fees!!!! How to avoid them!

It's pretty basic knowledge but let me give you a few helpful hints on how not to be charged damage fees while on vacation. Just a few things I have learned over the past couple of years working for owners and an amazing rental company at the beach.

10. Put breakables up high, out of the reach or bumps of little children. Just don't forget to put things back the way you found them so you will not be charged for items housekeeping believes are missing.

9. If you don't know how to use something ( like an elevator or appliance ) Ask!!!!! It costs nothing to ask how to use something and a lot to fix or replace it.

8. It is true honesty is the best policy. If you happen to damage or break something, be honest about it!!!! Just tell the owner or rental agency, they expect some things to be damaged throughout the year and appreciate your honesty. They may not even charge you if you come clean and admit you accidentaly broke it.

7. Look through your room when you arrive! Document anything damaged or broken and let the owner or rental company know immediately. They will not charge you for damage that you find when you immediately arrive. However, they may if you don't tell them, so be sure to do walk through.

6. Instant tanner, and tanning lotion Tans everything!!!!!!! Including sheet, and towels. Just get a tan while you are on vacation, or put this on before you come on vacation. This also goes for HAIR DYE!

5. Don't try to fix it yourself! No matter if it is a stuck disposal, broken blinds, or a remote that is not working . Call the person who rented you the unit & they will have a maintenance person to fix that problem.

4. Don't take things from the condo out to the beach. Sand, salt air, and suntan oil damages everything from fabrics to metal items. Bring your own beach towels, and leave the owner ' s things in the condo.

3. If you bring your pet, make sure they are allowed. A pet fee is much cheaper than a damage fee, and sometimes they are refundable.

2. Elevators and beds are not trampolines! Jumping on a bed or in an elevator can cause serious damage - sometimes even thousands of dollars worth of damage. Just a note, most elevators have hidden cameras too, so be on your best behavior!

1. The most important suggestion I can give is treat your vacation property like your own or better. If you do this the rental company will love you and may even make special deals for you to come back every year, because you were such a great renter!!

Have fun on vacation!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Fall in Ft. Morgan

Fall is full of beginnings and ends here at Ft. Morgan. It is the end of the major tourist season, which makes me sad for the tourists because it is one of the most enjoyable times here at the beach. It is the beginning of the winter migrations of birds and butterflies to this area and South America. The temperatures are wonderful not to hot or cold and you are surrounded by beautiful wildlife, everywhere you turn.
I had the opportunity to participate in the biannual bird banding just inside the Ft. Morgan gates. For all of you early risers, jump up throw on a few layers, and some bug spray, grab your coffee, a chair, and your camera. As the sun comes up the birds start landing on their trips from the north. Wood hatches, Warblers, and hundreds of other little feathered miracles are caught and banded by a dedicated group of conservationists. This all volunteer group arrives before the sun each day for two weeks in the Spring and Fall, to take measurements, band, and get statistics on the many different birds that come through the area.
We spectators get to watch all this go on while getting a free lecture about each bird and it's habits. Then each bird's status turns into that of a super model, at least in the eyes of the spectators, who are snapping thousands of pictures of their little subjects. They can even choose to adopt a bird and keep track of it as it moves across the world through banding stations. Then the ultimate high in the bird of the adventure happens. Mr. Sargent, the gentleman in charge of the program chooses a spectator to let the bird go. There is a bit of a tricky hand off, a few more quick pictures. The lucky person opens his or her hand and for just a second these beautiful little birds sit still on your hand. Just as quickly they get reoriented and fly away again new jewelery and all.
For an adventure that you can talk about for a lifetime plan a trip to Ft. Morgan, Alabama, where wildlife abounds and sunsets inspire.