Thursday, March 27, 2008

Charter Fishing at Fort Morgan!!!

In an old post I told you about fishing off of the beach, which is still one of my favorite ways to fish but I may have found a new favorite. This past summer we had to the opportunity to go fishing with our favorite Captain Dejaun Tedder from Gulf Adventures.
I have only been charter fishing one other time and while it was fun, I was very young and did not know that taking something to avoid getting seasick is a good plan before you head out. This time was much more fun. We headed out from the Gulf Shores Marina that is right across the street from where we live, work and play. We headed through the bay and out just past the point where Fort Morgan is located. John, Donnie, Becky and I, along with Captain DeJuan set out for a fishing adventure in search of Red Fish. We were out about 4 hours and fished over old wrecks, and reefs in that area. Then we started catching Red fish they ranged from 15 to 30 pounds. We kept the ones in the right size range, 1 for each of us. We actually ended up catching 13 of them total and let the majority of the go. It was a lot of fun fighting with these beautiful animals and being out on the water with friends and family. If you get a chance go on a fishing Cruise with Dejuan, it is guaranteed to be a memory making adventure at the beach. Take a look at our great catch!!!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Water Spouts at the Beach!!!!

When you think of the beach often you only think of fun sunny days. The beach is so dynamic in not only it's weather but how the beach itself changes. For example, one day the beach will be completely flat and really easy walk on. Other days you have to climb up or down cliffs to get to the water.
The Fort Morgan area where we are located is on a peninsula so we often see amazing weather on one side or the other of us. This particular day was a little rainy off and on all day but we still managed to see some really awesome weather. This is a great picture of a water spout. Yes a water spout is a tornado, the big difference is they are not particularly dangerous because most of the time they break apart when they come on land. They only last a matter of minutes so if we hear of one you will see a mass exodus from the office to see it and catch some really great photos like this one.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

You see the oddest things at the beach!!!

I had a guest come in the Sunset Properties office this afternoon in a bit of a panic. She was very upset at what she saw on a neighbors balcony just below her. It seems she was enjoying the great views from her balcony and looked down to see who was at the pool. She noticed a few floors below hers (the 5th floor) there was something you really don't see much of at the beach and certaily not on the 5th floor of a condo that has no direct access to the ground but through the condo itself. She saw a rat standing on the edge of the balcony rail.
Ok, this in itself was enough to make me suspicious. First how would it get up there without a guest seeing it, and how does a rat balance on a metal balcony rail? Then I asked her which condo as it at because, "I need to do more investigating!" She then proceeded to tell me where it was. I looked up who was in that unit. AH HA!!!! This explains a bunch. My very dear friends Ed and Jo Ann are in that condo, they are jokesters if ever I knew one.
I proceeded to catch up with Jo Ann and I asked her, "Jo Ann, did you have something unusal, you know small and furry on your balcony recently?" She said, "Nooooo, Oh wait we did tape a rat to our balcony to try to get the owl to come back. You know we had that big owl land on our balcony, and we told our kids about it and one of the girls sent us this toy rat to see if we could get a picture of the owl."
So here is Mr. Jingles trying to attract the owl at Fort Morgan.

Picnic With Our Winter Guests

Along with all of our sea oat planting events here at the Dunes Community we also had a pot luck Bar-B-Q, picnic. We all met at the horseshoe pit and enjoyed sampling the creative dishes made by friends and vegetables grown in the warmth of our southern sun, by our winter guests. We shared stories and plans for the next few weeks. This event was a like a family reunion, and your dear friends all gathered together for a little fun in the sun. The food ranged from apple salad with candy bar pieces,to venison sausage. We sat out and soaked up the warmth of the sun, it was 70 degrees that day. We had such a fun day our winter guests asked us to have another cookout again before they left. I can't wait until the next cook out, hopefully it will be a chance to make a few more friends and a lot more memories. Donnie Our maintenance man extraordinaire did our grilling for the day and did a spectacular job. Overall it was a great day in the sun with our Sunset Properties Winter Family....