Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Turtle Season at the Beach

It's Turtle Season again and those Mama Turtles have been busy laying nests this year. So far we have 20 nests, just on Ft. Morgan beaches alone. Ft. Morgan Beaches consists of about 13 miles of beach and they are patrolled each morning on an ATV by a refuge worker and 2 volunteers from the Share the Beach program. The patrol is looking for signs of a mother turtle and possible nests. These signs are pretty easy to spot most of the time. A turtles tracks look like a four wheeler, or a tractor drove out of the water, made a loop, and went right back in the water. If there is a nest she leaves tell tale signs of that too!!! The volunteers and the refuge workers are trained to spot these signs quickly, and start looking for eggs. Sometimes the workers and volunteers have to move the eggs back a little further from the water. They do this because the mother turtles laid the eggs in a place that will be covered by water if we get high water and the eggs will drown. The Alabama beaches are very important to the turtle population because it is considered a northern beach to the turtle territory. The gender of a turtle depends on the temperature of the sand they are laid in. Our sand is a bit cooler so we are more likely to produce males. A Mother Loggerhead Turtle can lay up to 190 round white eggs at a time and she can do this up to three times in a year. These eggs look just like ping pong balls except the shells are leathery. I have included a couple of photos donated by Mr. Dave Record a visitor to our area. This is a mother Kemp's Ridley preparing to nest. We have Loggerhead, and Kemp's Ridley Turtles nests primarly on our beaches. Thank you Mr. Record for your help.

You should never touch sea turtle eggs, hatchlings or adult turtles because they are protected animals, and it could be dangerous to your health and theirs. If you come up on a nest or an animal, wait by it and get a friend to call 1-866-SEA TURTLE they will know how to help.
I have been truly blessed to help find two nests this year, I have included a couple of pictures below of the eggs so you can see what they look like. The babies will hatch out about 55 days after they are laid. I know I will be there to see my nests hatch out. I can't wait!!!! Our Ft. Morgan nests start hatching next week, and everyone is very excited. Who knows you may get to see this exciting event on your trip to the beach.
Did you know the less you leave on the beach the easier it is for the mamas to lay eggs and get back to the water before daylight. Because of things on the beach we have had several mothers get lost and go toward streets instead of the water and get trapped behind chairs and under tents. Make room for our turtles on the beach, pull your things away from the water, or take them back completely, give these rare creatures all the space they need.


Saturday, June 6, 2009

A Massage at the Beach!!!

We want to welcome Adam and Rachael Austin to the Sunset Properties Family. Adam and Rachael are massage therapists whose dream was to work on the beach. Rachael recently came down to our office and every member of the staff received a massage from the boss. HAVE I MENTIONED I HAVE THE BEST JOB EVER????
Each of us walked out of our massage completely relaxed and ready to do NO work at all for the rest of the day. Rachael did an amazing job working on each individuals problems and sore spots.
Rachael and Adam specialize in couples massages, and Rachael will be available Tuesday mornings for individual massages on the beach or in the condo. The massages range from $25 for an individual for 15 minutes to $75 for an hour. Couples start at $180.00 for an hour massage. All services are licensed and professional.
The Austin's also do set up meals to go along with the couples massages. There are all sorts of pricing and packages to fit all budgets.
Gwen our housekeeping supervisor said, "having a massage with Rachael would be a necessity to a relaxing vacation!" Brenda said, "it was simply AWESOME!" Becky wants, "have one every week!" I absolutely agree with everything they said and can't wait until Rachael comes back for staff massage day again!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Beach Pictures

I wanted to introduce all of you to a very good friend of mine, Tony Thagard! Tony has done a good portion of our photography on our websites, and is a true artist. He has decide to make his art his full time job this summer. Tony has set up a website to showcase some of his photos and advertise what sort of photos he can do. We wanted to give you a smattering of Tony's talent and the opportunity to get in touch with him if you need beach, event or wedding photos. I cannot say enough good things about Tony and his professional approach to photography. everyone who has used him in the past has been thrilled with the result and the variety of photos to choose from. Enjoy some of Tony's beautiful photos, and be sure to give him a call to capture your sunny beach memories!!!